"We stayed at Harbor View in Colonial Beach, VA. What a beautiful park! It was so clean and the management was great. We are new at this and feeling our way around and this park was very nice. It is situated on the Potomac next to a marina. It’s ideal for boaters. If you are looking to get away from a noisy busy park, go to this one!"

- Katrina and Franklin Walters

"We took a trip to Florida during Spring Break with a plethora of people cavorting in the resorts. They all advertised heated pools and spas but seldom delivered any that were not just sun warmed when the sun passed over the resort.

The best place we stayed was at the Orlando Preserve with spacious accommodations, a truly heated pool and spa and courteous staff. Congratulations on a fine place to stay and enjoy true hospitality. We plan on coming back sometime when the kids are back in school!!!"

- Tom and Diane J., Pasadena, Ca.

"The staff is very helpful and friendly ... they make you feel like you have known them for years."

- Joseph Z., Houston, Texas

"We've met two couples that have become lasting friends because of our TTN membership."

- Len and Carol S., Vancouver, Washington

"We joined the Thousand Trails family at the Idyllwild CA Preserve in 1984. We started out with our family of 4 in a 10-foot camper atop a '79 Chevy Truck -- often there were additional kids along which just added to the great times that we shared camping among the beautiful pine trees atop the mountain. Fortunately, we retired early in 1992 and have been able to visit most of the preserves several times. Although much has changed within the Thousand Trails system, the feeling of being among friends and family has not. We thoroughly enjoy our membership and have never regretted the decision that we made some 24 years ago.

- Suzanne & John B.

"Where in America are you going to find 24-hour security in a prime location and a warm atmosphere – at Thousand Trails preserves."

- Lori K.

"We like the full schedule of many activities for children as well as adults ... we took our five grandchildren there and we all had a wonderful time."

- Ruth P., Yucaipa, California

"My wife and I have been members for the last 6 years, and camped as guests before that. Our family has had many wonderful experiences with Thousand Trails as we have traveled over the years. No matter where we are, the staff has always made us feel welcome. We would strongly recommend that anyone who camps become a member."

- Mary & Art M.

"As both employees and long time members of the Thousand Trails family, we can say without reservation that the association has been rewarding, fulfilling, and entirely enjoyable. The friends Wanda and I have made with Thousand Trails members and staff are those we cherish and will hold dear for life. We will soon be on the road again visiting preserves, making new friends and meeting up with old ones."

- George & Wanda B.

"We found large, flat, level campsites, a gorgeous forest of tall pine trees, a beautiful family lodge, a nice clean pool and spa, and friendly, helpful staff. There is a lot to do here."

- Mildred M.

"We have been Thousand Trails Members for nearly 25 years. When the kids were still home, Thousand Trails Preserves were our favorite destination where the family could escape the stress associated with our careers. The children seemed to go non-stop participating in one activity after another while we relaxed or made friends with members in the next site.

Now our boys have demanding careers and children of their own. Guess where they go for family fun and relaxation? You're right, TT, but now there are more activities then ever for the children, the parents and even the Grandparents.

Our TT Membership has proven to be one of the best family investments we could possibly have made."

- Jim S.